Chairman Huang Wenjia Elected Vice President of China Youth Enterprise Association




From November 25 to 26, 2014, the 11th Congress of China Youth Entrepreneurs Association was held in Beijing. The Congress examined and adopted the work report of the 10th Council, the report on financial revenue and expenditure, and the Amendment to the Constitution of the China Young Entrepreneur Association, and elected a new leading body. Wang Hongyan, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and vice chairman of the all China Youth Federation, was elected president of the 11th China Youth Entrepreneur Association. Huang Wenjia, chairman of our company, was elected vice president of the China Youth Entrepreneur Association and director of the Environmental Protection Committee of the China Youth Enterprise Association. At the same time, he was elected as the 11th vice president of the China Young Entrepreneurs Association, as well as well-known entrepreneurs such as Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Technology, Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Industrial, and Jin Wei, chairman of Shougang.

After the meeting, Chairman Huang Wenjia participated in the symposium of representatives of the China Youth Enterprise Association as the vice chairman of the China Youth Enterprise Association, and was cordially received by Comrade Li Yuanchao, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and Vice Chairman of the State. Comrade Li Yuanchao pointed out at the symposium that he hopes that contemporary Chinese young entrepreneurs will seize the great opportunity of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and realize their ideals in life in the historical process of fighting for the Chinese dream; take entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence as a lifelong pursuit, and take the socialist core Values are the coordinates to determine their own life values, to be patriotic, law-abiding, honest, hardworking and virtuous entrepreneurs; actively serve the country and the people, and actively help young people, strive to benefit society and be a wealth creator who contributes responsibly to society. Qin Yizhi, first secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League Central Committee, presided over the forum, he Junke, executive secretary of the Secretariat, Wang Hongyan, secretary of the Secretariat and president of the 11th China Young Entrepreneur Association, as well as representatives of the China Youth Enterprise Association and members of the steering committee, a total of more than 350 people attended the forum.