Hu Changsheng, Secretary of Gansu Provincial Party Committee, Investigates Dunhuang Shouhang Photothermal Power Station




1Month7In the afternoon of Sunday, Dunhuang was sunny and sunny, and the two 100-meter-high towers in the plant area of the Shouhang Photothermal Power Station burst out with dazzling light,15At about that time, Hu Changsheng, secretary of the Gansu Provincial CPC Committee, and his entourage arrived at the plant area of Dunhuang Shouhang Guangthermal Power Station to carry out research. Liu Fuguo, general manager of Dunhuang Shouhang Company, received and accompanied the research.



In the exhibition area of the central axis road of the second-phase power station project, Liu Fuguo introduced the general situation of the second-phase 100MW power station project, the principle of the power station, and the number of photothermal technologies of the first high-tech company to Hu Changsheng and his party through the exhibition board.TenWith the development process of continuous and deep cultivation, it has formed multi-faceted core service capabilities such as technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, project construction management, and power station operation, which have been recognized by the market. Recently, three bids have been won on the EPC of the Photothermal Power Station, with a total contract amount of 4.2 billion yuan, which gives us full confidence in the release of larger market orders in the future.Secretary Hu Changsheng to Shouhang HighThe company has given high praise for its continued focus on technology research and development, and has relocated the listed company to Jiuquan, Gansu Province,Investment in construction of photothermal equipmentThe manufacturing project expressed appreciation and encouraged Shouhang Gaoke to strengthen its confidence and continue in Gansu.Bigger and stronger, committed to becoming our provinceThe development of new energy benchmark enterprises.Secretary Hu Changsheng also pointed out that it is necessary to make full use of the unique resource advantages such as wind energy, solar heat, and desert Gobi, adhere to innovation-driven empowerment, seek a solid carrier, cultivate and strengthen strategic emerging industries, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Achieve green and low-carbon development, so that the vast Gobi continues to burst with vitality and vitality.



Later, Liu Fuguo accompanied Secretary Hu Changsheng to the central control room of the power station and introduced the operation of the unit. He said that since the unit was put into operation, the power generation capacity has increased rapidly year by year. In this process, the first flight has made a lot of optimization for the whole unit, which not only makes the unit more concise and stable, but also greatly reduces the operation cost. These achievements will also greatly reduce the investment cost of subsequent projects. In the latest documents of the relevant ministries and commissions of the state, the solar thermal power station is defined as a new type of energy storage system. Now in the construction of the new energy base in the desert Gobi desert, more and more projects with energy storage are using photothermal technology. Shouhang Gaoke has also developed a photothermal unit that is more suitable for large-scale Shago Wilderness Base. It has the characteristics of large energy storage capacity, low cost, deep and flexible peak regulation, etc. The subsequent first flight will use its own experience to provide help and services for the construction and operation of these projects. The first flight is confident.InSubsequent domestic and international market competition to create better results.



Secretary Hu Changsheng said that he actively supports enterprises like Shouhang Hi-Tech to gain a foothold in the province and expand markets outside the province and abroad. It also stressed the need to fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, seize the opportunity of the "double carbon" policy, take strong industrial action as the traction, and take scientific and technological innovation as the support to accelerate the development of the new energy industry. In accordance with the requirements of strengthening the leader, supplementing the chain, and gathering groups, we must insist on exchanging resources for industries and expanding the market, continuously improving the ability of new energy delivery and local consumption, supporting the development of new energy equipment manufacturing, and doing enough to extend the chain and supplement the chain. The article strives to form a large-scale, intensive, and clustered development pattern. It is necessary to further strengthen the "two ends", continue to strengthen the front end of design and research and development, build an innovation platform, enhance independent innovation capabilities, and achieve "knowledge spillover"; high-quality service guarantees the back end, so that enterprises can easily obtain funds and human resources. Minimize costs and maximize benefits. We should vigorously promote the transformation of "three modernizations", accelerate the digitalization of industries, cultivate intelligent factories and digital workshops, and must not engage in "screen digitalization" or "manual digitalization", so as to truly root digitalization in the whole production process and the whole industrial chain, and enable digitalization to empower industrial development. It is necessary to continuously optimize the business environment and provide all-weather, full-process, and full-life-cycle services for the development of enterprises, so that enterprises can develop with confidence and comfort. It is necessary to compact the responsibility of production safety, establish the awareness that everyone is a safety officer, keep the bottom line of production safety, and constantly improve the level of intrinsic safety.


Finally, Secretary Hu Changsheng said goodbye to Liu Fuguo and the staff of Shouhang Power Station one by one and successfully completed the investigation.


(Contributed by Dunhuang Company, some of the contents are excerpted from relevant reports in Gansu Daily, and the pictures are taken from Gansu Satellite TV's "Audiovisual Gansu")