The First Belt and Road Indonesia Seawater Desalination Project Successfully Effluent Water


Source: Shouhang Energy-saving Engineering Division

Author: Fan Liliang

On August 1, 2019, the Shenhua Guohua Indonesia Java 7 2 x 4000 tons/day desalination project 2# machine, which was designed and supplied by the first flight of energy-saving, completed commissioning and successfully discharged water.After testing the operating indicators have reached the design requirements, the equipment running state is ideal. 2# machine completed commissioning marks the completion of the entire desalination project commissioning and put into operation.


The seawater desalination system of the project adopts a low-temperature multi-effect distillation seawater desalination scheme. The project is designed to install two sets of low-temperature multi-effect distillation seawater desalination devices, one for transportation and one for preparation. The designed daily water volume of a single device is 4000 tons, which can meet the fresh water demand of the boiler make-up water, industrial water and living water systems of the two million units of the project. The smooth operation of the seawater desalination system produces fresh water, which can effectively meet the industrial water and domestic water required for the normal production of the power plant and alleviate the shortage of water on the island.



Indonesia's Java 7 seawater desalination project was completed in Shanghai port in February 2018 and was on site in Java, Indonesia in April of that year.After more than a year of installation, commissioning completed the construction of the entire project.The main equipment of the seawater desalination project of this project is designed and constructed by the first voyage energy saving.


Design renderings


In the early stage, on May 25, 2019, the 1# machine of the seawater desalination project was debugged and qualified to produce fresh water. After testing, all indicators met the design requirements.All qualified water sources are provided for pickling and flushing of boiler of Unit 1.To ensure the smooth development of the entire Java 7 project in Indonesia.


Indonesia's Java No. 7 desalination project is the first desalination project for energy saving on the first voyage, and it is also an overseas project to undertake "the belt and road initiative,The construction cycle is tight, the requirements are high, and the project implementation process has experienced thousands of difficulties. The first voyage people work together to deliver the equipment to the owner on schedule. After commissioning, the equipment is in excellent running condition and has been well received by the owners.