Warmly congratulate China Power Construction Qinghai Gonghe 50MW Photothermal Power Generation Demonstration Project on a successful grid connection!


Source: The first flight energy saving

Author: The first flight energy saving

On September 19, 2019, China Power Construction Qinghai Gonghe 50MW solar thermal power generation demonstration project was successfully connected to the grid. This is the fourth grid-connected power station among the first batch of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects in my country. The installed capacity of solar thermal power generation projects in grid-connected operation in my country Reach 270MW.



As a professional power station air cooling technology service provider, Shouhang Energy Saving successfully won the bid for the power station air cooling system and chemical salt service of the 50MW photothermal power generation demonstration project of Qinghai Gonghe, China Power Construction, relying on rich experience in the implementation of photothermal power generation projects.Among them, the chemical salt service is the first photothermal project in which the first voyage energy saving participates through market bidding, and the project is implemented by the subsidiary first voyage photothermal.



The relevant service team of the first flight entered the site at the end of June and began to install salt equipment. In early July, it began to prepare salt for warming tanks and other salt. At the end of July, it basically completed the salt work and cooperated with the project to carry out grid connection preparation such as steam purging.The amount of molten salt in the project is 9300 tons, the highest salt reduction speed is 45 tons/hour, the average salt reduction speed is more than 30 tons/hour, the actual salt reduction takes 13 days, and the first flight team completed its salt reduction work on time and according to the amount.