First Air Energy Conservation Becomes a Member Unit of Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization




The Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization (referred to as the cooperation organization) is an international organization composed of relevant enterprises, organizations, institutions and individuals who are committed to promoting the sustainable development of world energy. Registered in Beijing.


The purpose of the cooperation organization is to promote the construction of a global energy Internet, meet global power demand in a clean and green way, promote the realization of the United Nations "sustainable energy for all" and climate change goals, and serve the sustainable development of human society.

The cooperative organization will actively promote the concept of global energy Internet, organize the formulation of global energy Internet development plan, establish a technical standard system, carry out joint technological innovation, research on major issues and international exchanges and cooperation, promote the implementation of engineering projects, provide consulting services, and lead the development of global energy Internet.

The establishment of the cooperative organization marks a new stage in the strategic landing of the global energy Internet. Looking forward to the future, we will build a global energy Internet, enhance South-South and North-South cooperation, transform the resource advantages of Asia, Africa, South America and other regions into economic advantages, solve power shortages, eliminate poverty, narrow regional differences, and make the world a A global village with sufficient energy, blue sky and green, bright, peaceful and harmonious!