[Air Cooling] The world's first "Three Towers in One" million-unit inter-cooling tower successfully put into operation




At 8:16 on December 13, 2018, Unit 2 of Yuneng Hengshan Coal and Electricity Integration Project 2 × 1000 MW successfully passed 168 hours of full-load trial operation and was officially put into commercial operation. This project is the first project to be put into operation for power generation among the three supporting power points of the key transmission channel of the National Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan "Yuheng-Shandong Weifang 1000kV UHV AC Power Transmission and Transformation Project". It is also the world's first project to be put into operation and adopt the "three towers in one" technology million kilowatt unit project.

"Three towers in one" means inter-cooling tower, desulfurization tower and chimney. The project design of the project runs through the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. Among them, the intercooling tower adopts the first voyage energy-saving indirect air cooling technology, the main engine adopts high-parameter large-capacity air cooling unit, and the desulfurization and denitration device with advanced technology is constructed simultaneously. The air pollutants are designed according to "near zero emission", and the annual cumulative power generation capacity can reach 11 billion kilowatt hours. Nearly 5 million tons of water can be saved every year, which effectively reduces the water consumption index of power plants and saves valuable water resources in northern Shaanxi.