Shouhang Energy Saving won the "China New Energy Enterprise Innovation Award"




From October 30 to 31, 2018, the 12th China New Energy International Summit Forum and Exhibition, jointly sponsored by the New Energy Chamber of Commerce of the all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the people's Government of Datong City, with the theme of "multi-energy complementarity", was held at the National Convention Center as scheduled.

During the meeting, Shouhang Energy Saving won the "China New Energy Enterprise Innovation Award" for its innovative strength ".

As a member of the All-Union New Energy Chamber of Commerce and the Photothermal Committee, the Executive Vice President of the All-Union New Energy Chamber of Commerce, the Chairman of the Photothermal Committee, the Vice Chairman of the First Air Energy Saving, the Director of the First Air Photothermal, the Executive Vice President-Mr. Huang Qingle and the First Air Energy Saving Representative Mr. Bi Chengye were invited to attend the meeting and made important speeches and discussions at the meeting.

Huang Qingle said: through the continuous hard work and innovation of colleagues in the industry and the catalysis of encouraging policies in the past two years, the solar thermal industry has entered the demonstration stage and will complete the leap from zero to one. A number of excellent domestic solar thermal enterprises have accumulated certain achievements and experience, and gradually go abroad to participate in the global market competition and forge ahead. I believe that the solar thermal industry will usher in a bright future.

Mr. Huang Qingle read out the list of leading bodies of the new National New Energy Chamber of Commerce Photothermal Committee

Mr. Bi Chengye, energy-saving representative of the first flight, made a speech.

In the dialogue session, regarding the topic of "how to go better for photothermal enterprises", Bi Chengye, representative of Shouhang Energy Saving Company, talked about three suggestions:

First, photothermal enterprises need to continue to increase investment and practice internal strength, which is shown in two aspects: one is the feasibility and reliability of technology, and the other is to rely on the optimization of technology and the whole industry chain to reduce the construction cost of photothermal projects. It is very important to choose the correct technical route. Only when the technical route is selected correctly can it be possible to reduce the cost.

Second, photothermal enterprises should keep warm and attack together to form a good atmosphere of mutual learning and reference. First of all, photothermal technology enterprises themselves should have confidence, be down-to-earth, seek truth from facts, scientifically and conscientiously solve various problems encountered in various stages of core equipment research and development, project design, installation, commissioning and power station operation and maintenance, give full play to their respective advantages, and solve practical problems. Only in this way can China's photothermal technology rapidly mature through the demonstration of limited projects, and create conditions for the development of more projects in the future.

Third, at present, the leading enterprises of light and heat are all private enterprises. Private enterprises with real technical strength should take the initiative to find central enterprises and state-owned enterprises to cooperate and develop projects. If they want to try to obtain the active support of financial enterprises and banks, and increase publicity efforts, they can effectively reduce the financing threshold and financing cost. In the international market, domestic photothermal technology enterprises should strive to cooperate with international well-known enterprises, learn from others' strengths and make up for their own shortcomings. Only in this way can light and heat go further.

Shouhang Energy Saving will adhere to the attitude of win-win cooperation and actively cooperate with all parties, strengthen confidence, strengthen management, practice internal skills, constantly improve the technical route, accumulate more operation and maintenance experience, in order to achieve the demonstration goal of the national solar thermal project, and lay a good foundation for better development of the international market.