The first voyage of energy-saving Dunhuang Tower Light and Heat Phase II Project was successfully powered by the plant.




At 23: 59 on August 24, 2018, with the joint efforts of leaders of various departments, project department heads, commissioning personnel, operation personnel, engineering construction personnel and equipment manufacturer personnel, a successful 35KV standby transformer and 6KV auxiliary bus power supply operation of the first voyage energy-saving Dunhuang tower photothermal phase II project were completed.


After receiving the task of power supply operation, the leaders and operators of the production preparation department of Dunhuang Phase II of the first flight energy conservation conducted a final comprehensive inspection of the power supply system, and coordinated relevant departments to eliminate the fire fighting and other safety-related defects in the power supply part, thus completing the final level of power supply operation. After the completion of all installation and commissioning work in the afternoon of the same day, the operators carried out transmission tests on all switches of the entire power supply system according to the power supply operation ticket, and carried out insulation measurements on the transformer, bus bars and PT at all levels to ensure that the relevant equipment has the power supply conditions.




The on-site staff shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment in advance.

On the morning of the 24th, personnel from all departments gathered in the second-phase central control room, and the debugging personnel disclosed the work plan and safety precautions. After receiving the order from the shift supervisor, the operators began to switch the gates according to the power-given operation ticket. During the whole operation, the operation monitoring system and the recitation system were strictly implemented. There were no errors in the whole operation. The operation proficiency and execution of the operators were recognized by leaders at all levels, this is also an affirmation of the preparatory work for the preliminary production. After coordination and efforts, at 23: 59 on the 24th, the first flight energy-saving Dunhuang tower light and heat phase ii project successfully completed 3 charging tests of 35KV line (salt first line), 5 charging tests of #1 standby transformer, 3 charging tests of auxiliary 6KV I, II and standby bus bars. All power-off equipment was operating normally and all relevant protections were put into operation normally, the 24-hour no-load test run of the power supply system has officially begun.


The success of the first voyage energy-saving Dunhuang Tower Light and Heat Phase II project with power supply marks the official start of the trial operation of the project division. The chemical water system, compressed air system and heliostat system can be debugged and tested with electricity in the near future, and the project has entered the fast track stage. At the same time, the front area of the plant realizes the formal power supply, which reduces the load pressure of the construction power supply and further ensures the safety and stability of the power supply of the whole project. The successful commissioning of some electrical equipment has verified that the quality and commissioning level of the project have reached the expected requirements. After the power supply, the operators officially started the operation and maintenance of the storage equipment, preparing for the safety and economy of the later operation.

The success of this power delivery is the result of the joint efforts of all project participants, the affirmation of all staff, and a good start for the trial operation of the entire project.