EDF and its delegation visited the first flight to visit and exchange energy conservation




From May 23 to May 25, Pierre-Guy YANG, chief technical officer of EDF Group, Charles BOURDIL, manager of solar thermal project, Yann LE MOULLEC, chief engineer of EDF China R & D Center, and Zijiang YANG, head of renewable energy project of EDF China R & D Center, visited Shouhang Energy Conservation, accompanied by Huang Wenbo, vice chairman and vice general manager of Shouhang Energy Conservation, Qi Zhipeng, vice general manager and other company leaders, he successively inspected Tianjin Baodi Shouhang Energy-saving Photothermal Industrial Park Base and Dunhuang Shouhang Energy-saving Photothermal Power Generation Base, and reached an agreement on the implementation of the supercritical carbon dioxide power generation cycle technical cooperation project.









Photo: Representatives of French Power Company Visited Tianjin Photothermal Factory Area

In Tianjin, the Pierre-Guy and his party inspected in detail the production and supply of the automatic back plate stamping production line, the welding performance of the condensing system structural member manufacturing robot, the molten salt heat absorber production workshop, and some cooperative supporting manufacturers in the industrial park. And went to Dunhuang to visit the first phase of the 10MW project and the second phase of the 100MW national demonstration solar thermal project. In Dunhuang Phase II General Assembly Workshop, French Electric Power guests visited and learned in detail about fully automated production lines such as backboard gluing, heliostat assembly and factory optical inspection. They went deep into the Phase I 10MW project to learn about the operation of the project and focused on the operation of key systems such as molten salt system.




Figure: French power representatives visit the first voyage energy-saving Dunhuang light and heat project

The guest of honor and guest subsequently held a symposium to fully exchange views on the specific implementation of the recently signed "Dunhuang 10MW Solar Photothermal Power Station Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Cycle Power Generation Technology Transformation Project Cooperation Agreement", and agreed on a framework for advancing the specific implementation of the project Plan. The two sides agreed that the combination of supercritical carbon dioxide cycle power generation technology and photothermal technology can improve the overall photoelectric efficiency, effectively reduce the cost of photothermal electricity, and get rid of the water constraints of the photothermal power station in the Gobi desert and other water-scarce areas, more environmentally friendly, the future market promotion space is huge. The two sides should form a joint force to establish an effective working mechanism to promote the implementation of the relevant work of the project.

At the symposium, Huang Wenbo introduced to the Pierre-Guy and his party the main work and business layout of Shouhang Energy Conservation in the field of photothermal power generation, and said that the two parties can continue to cooperate in depth on the basis of solidly advancing the supercritical carbon dioxide power generation cycle technology cooperation project. Give full play to EDF's experience in the development and operation of international energy projects and Shouhang Energy Conservation's advantages in photothermal power generation technology integration, engineering construction and equipment manufacturing, jointly develop and strive for global solar thermal power generation market opportunities. Pierre-Guy appreciated the work foundation laid by Shouhang Energy Saving in the field of photothermal, equipment manufacturing automation and intelligence, and believed that the future cooperation between the two sides is very broad.

EDF is one of the world's largest power producers and a world-renowned low-carbon energy leader. EDF's business covers energy production, transmission and consumption. In recent years, the development of EDF's international business has been significantly accelerated and plays a significant role in today's electricity market.

By the end of May 2018, the first 100MW energy-saving Dunhuang solar molten salt tower solar thermal power generation demonstration project is currently progressing as follows:

Heat absorption tower: the steel structure of the top heat absorber is being installed;

Mirror field: 60% of heliostat columns have been installed; 35% of heliostats have been installed;

The main powerhouse has been fully enclosed, and the internal equipment is installed;

Installation of air cooling island radiator;

The wall of salt tank is being welded;

The front area of the plant has been put into use.



Figure: Panorama of Dunhuang 100MW Energy Saving Project under Construction



Heat absorption system of the first energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW project under construction



Heat Storage System of Energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW Project under Construction





Air Cooling Island of Dunhuang 100MW Energy Saving Project under Construction



Figure: Installation of heliostat for the first energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW project under construction



On-site Assembly and Inspection Workshop of the First Aviation Energy Saving Dunhuang 100MW Project under Construction



Figure: Factory Front Area of Dunhuang 100MW Energy Saving Project under Construction