Clean heating, defend the blue sky! -First Flight Energy Saving Appears in Hebei Province Winter Cleaning and Heating Typical Case Exhibition and Exchange Activities




In recent years, in view of the increasingly serious environmental problems, all parts of the country have done a lot of work in the use of clean energy and achieved remarkable results. In order to explore the path of clean energy heating and solve the current problem of tight energy supply, the state decided to further practice the clean energy heating work under the new technology.

On April 20-22, the "Hebei Province Winter Clean Heating Typical Case Exhibition and Exchange Activity" co-sponsored by the Hebei Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Provincial Environmental Protection Department was held at the Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Summarize and exchange the mature new technologies and new experiences applied in clean heating projects in recent years, display and promote new materials and new equipment, and further promote clean heating work in our province to improve the atmospheric environment.

The heating case of "solar light, thermal power and auxiliary heat storage" in Anxin County of the first flight energy saving was evaluated by the activity expert committee and was selected as an excellent typical case and was invited to participate in the exhibition. Zhang Gujiang, vice governor of Hebei Province, and many leading activities came to the first flight energy-saving booth for careful inquiry and inspection, and there was an endless stream of visitors to the booth.

Figure: Shouhang Energy Saving Exhibition Area

Figure: Leaders inspect the energy-saving exhibition area of the first flight

Figure: Shouhang Energy Saving Exhibition Area Shows Exhibits

It is reported that with the theme of "developing clean heating and sharing a beautiful blue sky", this exhibition and exchange activity focuses on three clean heating organization and management modes of decentralized heating, distributed heating and central heating, mainly including solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, nuclear energy, industrial waste heat, electric energy, natural gas, clean coal and other energy forms, each energy form includes a variety of technical routes, A total of 73 units and 83 typical cases of clean heating participated.

As one of the first 12 high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun Industrial Park to settle in Xiong'an, Shouhang Energy Saving has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shouhang Xiong'an Technology Co., Ltd., in Xiong'an. Preliminary estimates, in accordance with the Xiong'an New Area planning and development outline of the preliminary estimate of the Xiong'an New Area clean energy heating market of more than 10 billion, the company will rely on the classic case of Anxin County in Xiong'an New Area to actively promote clean heating business, and to Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Henan, Northeast and other northern regions of radiation. In addition, with the operation of Shouhang Xiongan Technology Co., Ltd., the company will steadily promote the use of solar energy, energy storage and other technologies to achieve multi-energy complementary, clean heating and cooling, in areas where conditions permit to promote the triple supply of cold, heat and electricity and fresh water source construction, actively promote BIM business, promote the Xiongan New Area urban construction information and digitalization.

Heating Case of "Solar Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Auxiliary Heat Storage" in Anxin County, Energy Saving for the First Flight


Basic information
Primary Energy Solar energy, electric energy
Technical route Solar thermal auxiliary heat source (electric) heat storage
Use hot side condition Single-family building area of 100 square meters, non-energy-saving building (20 years old), the end of the radiator.
Heating side condition Single household 100 ㎡ heating, completed in March 2018.
Scope of application Suitable for areas with good solar light conditions, suitable for distributed heating and decentralized heating.
Case Introduction This project adopts the high-efficiency heat collection patent module, changes the traditional cold and hot water mixing phenomenon, greatly improves the heat of the solar collector, and realizes the replacement of nearly 100 percent of the heat. The collected hot water is stored in a patented layered structure water storage tank, which effectively stores water layers of different temperatures and reduces heat loss. Under the premise of insufficient solar energy storage, the low electricity price in the valley area is used for electric auxiliary heating and energy storage, so that the heating demand of household temperature is not lower than 18 degrees. The system is set to two modes of the whole region and the valley area to meet different electricity subsidy policies. At the same time, the unified control system according to the heating season standard mode and economic mode set for automatic operation, simple and convenient operation, to achieve a key start and stop.More than 70% of the heat in practical applications comes from solar energy.It can provide users with 200L(44 degrees) of hot water every day, saving users a lot of electricity and solving the problem of bathing in winter. The theoretical electricity consumption in a heating season is about 4000 degrees. The technical scheme makes effective use of solar energy to achieve the goal of clean heating. In the process of changing coal to electricity, solar energy is added to reduce heating power consumption, which is green and environmentally friendly, and saves heating costs and provides domestic hot water for the majority of users.
Main technical indicators
Climatic conditions Heating design outdoor temperature -7.0 degrees, extreme minimum temperature -19.6 degrees.
Main equipment High-efficiency heat collection module, layered heat storage tank, intelligent power saving control system, etc..
Equipment parameters Automatic adjustment to ensure that the indoor temperature is above 18 degrees. The inlet water temperature is not less than 55 degrees, and the return water temperature is not less than 45 degrees.
energy efficiency ratio The proportion of solar heating is about 40%
Main economic indicators
Construction costs Unit heating area 260 yuan/㎡ (single household)
Annual energy consumption The theoretical electricity consumption in a heating season (120 days) is about 4000 degrees, equivalent to 12.81kg/㎡ of standard coal.
Operating cost in heating season The operating cost of a heating season is not higher than 1500 yuan.
actual operation effect
heating effect Heating for 7 days, indoor average room temperature is not less than 18 degrees, equipment stable and continuous operation, electric auxiliary heating intermittent operation.
Environmental benefits Zero emission, low power consumption, clean and pollution-free


Figure: "Solar Photoelectric Auxiliary Heat Storage" Heating Project of Shouhang Energy Saving Anxin County