Green maiden voyage, "electricity instead of coal" clean heating




Recently, three clean heating projects, Jiacheng Community, Zhaochuan Town, Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou, Yixin Nursing Home, Zhaochuan Town, Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou, and Gujiaying Garden Community, Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou, have been put into operation, officially opening the prelude to the heating of the first flight's energy-saving clean heating sector this winter.

Figure: Residential Area of the First Aviation Energy-saving and Clean Heating Project

Figure: Residential Area of the First Aviation Energy-saving and Clean Heating Project

On December 21, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed at the fourteenth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Group to accelerate the increase in the proportion of clean heating. Since then, various parts of the country, the northern provinces and autonomous regions have introduced clean heating specific support measures and policy documents. Among them, Zhangjiakou, as the venue for the snow events of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, has introduced a number of preferential policies. These three projects enjoy the long-term valley electricity price preferential policy of 0.15 yuan/kwh for 10 hours per day in the heating season.

Shouhang Energy Saving actively responds to the national clean heating orientation. This year, Shouhang Huanhui Company was established with Huanhui Group, a leading professional heating enterprise in China. Relying on the traditional heat storage and heat transfer technology advantages of Shouhang Energy Saving, as well as the operation and service advantages of Huanhui Group, Shouhang Energy Saving Company is developing clean heating business nationwide. The front end of the heat source can be adapted to local conditions using waste heat, geothermal, electricity, solar thermal, biomass, natural gas, waste incineration and other clean energy sources, and in accordance with the thermal quality requirements of flexible equipped with molten salt, solid heat storage, water and other high and low temperature heat storage technology, taking into account the system's cleanliness and economy.


Figure: Some Equipment of the First Flight Energy-saving Clean Heating Project

Figure: Some Equipment of the First Flight Energy-saving Clean Heating Project

The projects put into operation in this batch are implemented by Zhangjiakou Huanhui Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shouhang Huanhui. All of them adopt the heat storage technology of Shouhang and use the night valley electricity time for heat storage and heating. This batch of projects all adopt intelligent remote control system, which can not only realize unattended operation, but also have functions such as automatic pipeline leak detection and automatic temperature control strategy adjustment. While ensuring the heating quality, it can achieve energy saving and high efficiency to the greatest extent. Compared with the traditional coal-fired heating method, this batch of clean heating projects can reduce coal consumption by 1945 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 4660 tons during the whole heating period.

Figure: Control Room of the First Flight Energy-saving Clean Heating Project

Two of these three projects are coal-fired boiler renovation projects, and one is a new project, which was signed in September this year and immediately entered into design and construction. Under the condition of tight construction period, it overcame various difficult factors such as demolition of old buildings, limited land occupation conditions of heat source stations, reconstruction of old pipe networks, unknown situation of old underground pipe networks, coordination of residential land, etc., and all had heating conditions before October 30, guarantee the project on schedule heating.

These three projects are the first batch of clean heating projects invested by the company, and they are also the first batch of large-scale electric heating projects in China. They will have good demonstration significance. The implementation of the projects marks that the company's clean heating business has entered a comprehensive promotion stage. At present, the company's clean heating project development work has been fully launched, and strive for a big leap in clean heating business development and investment volume next year.