First Flight Energy-Charming Queen's Day


March 8 Women's Day, also known as Goddess Day, wishes all goddesses a happy holiday. Thank all the female employees of the company for their hard work and outstanding contributions. The company has prepared elaborate gifts early to congratulate all the female employees on a happy holiday. Don't forget to say a happy holiday to the female teachers of the female colleagues of the mother, grandma and grandma!



"Women's Day" is a festival set up on March 8 every year to celebrate the important contributions and great achievements made by women in the economic, political and social fields. From March 8, 1909, the United States Chicago labor women's strike rally since the 21st century has gone through more than a hundred years of history. In different regions, the focus of the celebration varies, from the general celebration of respect for women, the celebration of love for women, to the celebration of women's achievements in the economic, political and social fields.


In the first flight, the proportion of female employees is about 25%, but no matter in which department, you can see the female style of female employees. They are conscientious and diligent, and contribute to the company's production, sales, finance, and manpower. Made a huge contribution. It can be said that it really holds up "half the sky".



Early this morning, our male god, holding the standard for girls to scream-"Chocolate Rose", took a light step and sent blessings to every goddess on each floor, with bursts of joy and screaming wherever he went..., Every woman likes the surprise of gifts. Have you realized the excitement now... Yes, the result is to shake hands with male gods and take photos with them! At this moment, I can't help but feel a little bit courteous and affectionate, and thin things warm people's hearts. When the male gods leave, don't forget to wave and say: Goddesses, see you at noon!