Gansu observation group on-the-spot investigation of the first voyage energy-saving photothermal project




On the afternoon of July 20, 2015, Ma Qinglin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial People's Congress, led the provincial project observation team to observe the progress of major projects in Dunhuang City. The leaders of Jiuquan and Dunhuang City, such as Du Wei, Zhan Shunzhou, Zhai Fulin, Jia Taibin, etc., and the heads of relevant provincial departments participated in the observation activities.

After inspecting the New Energy Exhibition Hall of Dunhuang Optoelectronic Industrial Park, the observation team focused on the 10MW molten salt tower photothermal power generation project built by our company in Dunhuang. This project is the first phase of 110MW photothermal power generation project independently developed, designed and invested by our company. It is currently the third commercial photothermal power station in the world and the first commercial photothermal power station in Asia that can generate electricity day and night. Huang Wenjia, chairman of Shouhang Energy Saving, and Liu Qiang, general manager of Dunhuang Shouhang Energy Saving New Energy Co., Ltd., accompanied the observation group to give a detailed introduction and explanation at the project site, and made a detailed report on the company's development, product characteristics and future prospects. At the same time, Chairman Huang Wenjia said and emphasized that due to the unique terrain and light environment of Dunhuang, the development of the photothermal project has provided inevitable conditions, and thanked the Dunhuang Municipal Government for its strong support for the project! The observation group and his party also gave great affirmation to the construction site management and project work.

First voyage energy-saving 10MW tower molten salt photothermal power generation project site

Shouhang Energy Saving will continue to devote itself to the work of energy conservation and emission reduction, respond to the call of the state, green environmental protection, develop new energy construction, innovate technology, and realize the dream of "making the sky blue, the ground green, the air clean, the water clean and the people harmonious. (First Flight Energy Conservation Information Department/Text)