Electrical Design Engineer

Mar 07,2024

Job Demand

Job Requirements and Conditions

Job Description

1, responsible for the electrical design of the project, including low-voltage power distribution primary and secondary, cable channel, lightning protection grounding, lighting maintenance, cable laying and other electrical design work;

2. Responsible for the technical support of electrical installation in the project construction;

3, responsible for the project bidding design work, familiar with the bidding design process.


Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering and automation, more than 1 year working experience in electrical design;

2. Be familiar with the principle and application selection of low-voltage power distribution equipment (low-voltage transformer, power distribution cabinet, circuit breaker, protection device, frequency converter and secondary components, etc.).

3, familiar with electrical design related software CAD and office software applications;

4, familiar with the relevant procedures and specifications of electrical design;

5, have good expression, understanding, communication, coordination ability; the ability to deal with problems and good language organization ability, good at communication, program technical exchange.

6, can adapt to short-term travel, with hard-working spirit and team cooperation consciousness.

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