I & C Design Engineer

Mar 07,2024

Job Demand

Job Requirements and Conditions

Job Description

1. Be responsible for bidding for the instrument and control part of the photothermal project, participate in feasibility study preparation, and be able to assist the main designers of this specialty to complete the design optimization of the project and the drawing design of each stage;

2. Participate in the negotiation and signing of the technical agreement after winning the bid and the design liaison meeting in the process;

3. Cooperate with other specialties within the company to complete the design and collection of funds and other communication work in each stage;

4, cooperate with the company's external docking professional to complete each stage of design funding and collection and other communication work;

5. Able to complete technical communication and mutual cooperation with equipment manufacturers;

6. Cooperate with the company's logistics department to complete the equipment procurement work: mainly complete the preparation of technical specifications, technical bid evaluation, and the signing of technical agreements for instrument and control equipment;

7. Be responsible for communicating with the project site to solve the design, installation, commissioning and other related problems on the site;

8. Obey other work tasks arranged by department leaders.


Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in automation, electronic information engineering and other related majors, good English reading and writing ability;

2, 1-2 years of electrical automation engineering project design work experience or more than 2 years of power or environmental protection engineering thermal control design experience;

3, can apply the relevant rules and specifications of thermal control design of thermal power plants;

4, can apply the relevant procedures and specifications of the electrical low-voltage distribution design of thermal power plants;

5. Familiar with power station or chemical instruments, and have certain basic knowledge of the design, selection and installation of conventional temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow and other detection instruments;

6. Experience in air cooling or desulfurization design, understand the overall design process of the power station at different stages;

7. Understand the design, selection and configuration of well-known domestic brands Hollis DCS, Siemens PLC, etc., and have certain basic knowledge of control equipment communication and network;

8, can skillfully use Office, WPS, AUTO CAD and other office automation software, can use solidworks to complete simple instrument control equipment model design;

9. Diligent, hard-working, innovative and practical, with good team spirit, communication and coordination ability and learning ability;

10, good health, cheerful personality, and can adapt to the project short-term business trip.

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