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Water source heat pump

Technical characteristics:

Water source heat pump is a renewable energy utilization technology
Water source heat pump is a heating and air-conditioning system that uses solar energy stored in the earth's water body as a source of cold and heat for energy conversion. The water that can be used includes groundwater or rivers, rivers and lakes on the surface, and the ocean. Therefore, it is a technology of clean and renewable energy used by water source heat pump.
Water source heat pump has high operating efficiency, low cost and energy saving
The available water temperature of the water source heat pump unit in winter is 12-22°C, which is higher than the outdoor air temperature in winter. Therefore, the evaporation temperature of the heat pump cycle is increased, and the energy efficiency ratio is also improved. Compared with electric heating, a well-designed water source heat pump unit can reduce electricity consumption by more than 70%.
Stable and reliable operation of water source heat pump
The temperature of the water body is relatively stable throughout the year, especially the groundwater, whose fluctuation range is much smaller than that of the air, and is a good cold and heat source for heat pumps. Therefore, the operation of the heat pump unit is reliable and stable, and there are no difficult problems such as winter defrosting of the air source heat pump.
Water source heat pump has significant environmental benefits
The water source heat pump unit operates without any pollution, can be built in residents, has no combustion, no smoke, no waste, no storage space for fuel waste, and no long-distance heat transfer.
One machine with multiple functions, wide application range
The water source heat pump system can be used for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water. One machine has multiple uses. One system can replace two sets of boiler and air conditioner. Especially for buildings that have both heating and cooling requirements, water source heat pumps have obvious advantages. Not only saves a lot of energy, but also reduces the initial investment in equipment.
Water source heat pump investment is economical
The water source heat pump has higher operating efficiency and lower cost, but compared with traditional heating and cooling methods, its investment economy will be different under different demand conditions. According to relevant information, the initial investment of the water source heat pump cold and hot water unit is the smallest through economic comparison of four options: water source heat pump cold and hot water units, air source heat pumps, lithium bromide direct-fired units, water-cooled chillers and oil-fired boilers.

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