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Clean heating

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Electric heat storage boiler

Regenerative electric boilers use electric energy in the low valley period at night as an energy source, and store heat at night for heating during the day. The equipment is a heat storage heating system, which not only improves the utilization rate of the equipment, but also reduces the initial investment cost of the equipment.


Technical characteristics

intelligent control
Fully automatic intelligent control technology, no need to be on duty.
Energy saving and environmental protection
Make full use of low-valley electricity to store energy, cut peaks and fill valleys, save electricity, and reduce urban harmful gas emissions.
nice appearance
The outer packaging of the boiler adopts the famous and high-quality color board package design, which is beautiful in appearance and not easy to rust.
Easy to install and transport
The compact structure, scientific and reasonable design and advanced manufacturing technology make the boiler occupy a small space, facilitate transportation and installation, and save the use of space.
Low operating cost
Regenerative electric boilers are more than 20% lower in operating cost than direct-heated electric boilers. The specific energy-saving ratio is determined by the local peak, flat, and valley electricity price difference. The greater the peak-to-valley electricity price difference, the higher the energy-saving ratio of regenerative electric boilers.

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