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Clean heating



Solar technology

Solar heating is a technology that uses solar collectors to collect solar radiation and convert it into thermal energy for heating. The solar heating system uses a solar collector to collect solar radiation and convert it into heat. Liquid is used as a heat transfer medium, and water is used as a heat storage medium. The heat is sent to the room for heating through heat dissipation components.


Technical characteristics

Energy efficient
The most efficient use of solar energy can save more than 40-60% of energy costs and greatly reduce operating costs.
The use of solar clean and green energy avoids the pollution of mineral fuels to the environment, and can provide users with a clean and comfortable living space.
intelligent control
The system adopts intelligent control technology, self-control, optimal economic operation, and very convenient to use.
long lasting
The photovoltaic system and the heat collection pipeline adopt imported panel tempered treatment, which can resist natural disasters and has a service life of more than 15 years.
Building integration
It can be installed on sunny walls such as high-rise balconies and windows to achieve architectural integration and enjoy a comfortable life.
Wide range of applications
It can be used in high-rise and multi-storey houses, independent villas, small and medium-sized hotels, bathing centers, schools and other heating and bathing places.

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