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CSP Tower


The tower-type solar thermal power generation system uses the central collector tower as the base for the heat absorber. A certain number of heliostats are arranged around the collector tower. The heliostats reflect sunlight to the heat absorber on the top of the collector tower to heat When the heat transfer fluid reaches 500-1000°C, the high temperature heat transfer fluid generates high temperature and high pressure steam through the steam generation system to drive the turbine generator set to generate electricity. Shouhang has the design, procurement, construction and operation capabilities of large-scale tower CSP stations, can provide users with complete sets of tower solar island and air-cooled island equipment, and provide tower CSP station system integration and EPC general contracting services.


Condenser system

Shouhang Energy-saving adopts the world's advanced assembly line, high-precision, fully automated heliostat assembly and inspection integrated production line. For the core component-transmission, in order to ensure its delivery date and control accuracy, Shouhang has purchased a large number of high-precision machining centers for independent production. For a mirror field of one million square meters, the maiden voyage can complete the installation within the core island construction period to ensure the progress of the project. At present, maiden voyage energy saving has overcome the world's largest molten salt tower mirror field design, manufacturing and control technology with a diameter of 2.7 kilometers.

Heat absorption system

After several years of exploration, the maiden flight has jointly researched and developed materials with the brand name SHBG-2 with Baosteel. The material has very good resistance to molten salt corrosion and resistance to high temperature thermal fatigue. The material has been mass-produced and applied to the Dunhuang molten salt tower project of the first flight energy saving.

Heat storage and heat exchange system

There are two molten salt storage tanks in the tower CSP station for molten salt heat storage. The experts of Shouhang Europe have project implementation experience, and the domestic team has mastered heat storage and heat exchange technology, and can design and manufacture independently.





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