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Development path

发展历程 Development Path


1.The company was renamed as Shouhang IHW Air Cooling Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

On June 8, 2006, the company was renamed as Shouhang IHW Air Cooling Technology (Beijing) Co., LTD. The changed business scope includes: refrigeration equipment technology development, consulting, transfer and service; manufacturing, sales of power station air cooling equipment, power station air cooling single-row pipe cooling components.


1.  Won the bid for the first million direct air cooling project 

In March 2011, the Shouhang Resources Saving won the bid for the 2*1000MW Shaanxi Fugu Qingshuichuan Coal power Integration Project, which was put into operation in March 2019. 




1、 Awarded the National Torch Plan Certificate   

In May 2010, it was awarded the National Torch Plan Certificate issued by the Torch High-tech Industry Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology.  

2、 The company was established as a joint-stock company and its name was changed 

November 2, 2010, it was renamed "Beijing Shouhang Resources Saving Co., Ltd", hereinafter referred to as "Shouhang Resources Saving Co., Ltd".   

3. Started to enter the CSP market and develop CSP technology




1. A-share listing in Shenzhen Stock Exchange 

In 2012, according to the approval notice of "Shenzhen Stock Exchange [2012] No. 64" document issued by The Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the RMB common stock issued by the company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 27, 2012.     

2.Zhongguancun New Energy seawater desalination Industry Technology Innovation Alliance was established

Zhongguancun new energy seawater desalination industry technology innovation alliance by its energy-saving, Beikong water group, Shougang corporation jointly launched 13 units, such as aimed to response to the Ministry of Science and Technology, improve enterprise's capacity for independent innovation, promote new energy seawater desalination technology research and development and production, optimize the structure of the Beijing municipal water, relieve the shortage of water resources.



1. Shouhang Resources Saving Technology Center is recognized as the Enterprise Technology Center of Beijing

Shouhang Energy Conservation Technology Center has recently been awarded the certificate of Beijing Enterprise Technology Center issued by Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.     

2. Set up Dunhuang Shouhang Resources Saving New Energy Co., Ltd. and vigorously develop the business of CSP.

In order to promote the commercialization of domestic solar thermal power generation technology and promote the large-scale development of the company's solar thermal power generation business, the company invested in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary of the photovoltaic power station operation in Gansu Province - Dunhuang Shouhang Energy-saving New Energy Co., LTD.







The Company was founded

In July 2001, the company was established as "Beijing Zhongxin Shield Civil air defense Equipment Co., LTD.", and its business scope is "manufacturing ventilation equipment, fans and explosion-proof wave valves". Based on the cognition of heat transfer technology, the utilization of heat transfer technology was pioneered, and the research on heat transfer technology was started.



1. Launched the first cruise investment and construction of Dunhuang 10 MW molten salt tower type CSP power generation (phase I) project   

The project adopts high temperature and high pressure condensing steam turbine generator set.The project is equipped with a heat storage system, which can generate electricity continuously for 24 hours after completion.

2. The first generation system of 20kW phosgene complementary solar energy Stirling machine in China was developed successfully 

 In September 2014, the project of "Research and Development of Phosgene Complementary Solar Energy Stirling Power Generation System" jointly undertaken by Beihang Energy-saving and Beihang University was completed.The successful implementation of this project fills the gap of domestic 20KW phosgene complementary Stirling power generation system and improves the overall design capacity and manufacturing level of domestic phosgene complementary Stirling power generation system.



1. The world's first megawatt ultra-supercritical indirect air cooling unit project was officially launched 

In May 2015, the first concrete was poured for the expansion project of 2× 1000MW units of Ningxia Yuanyang Lake Power Plant of Shenhua Group, which won the bid of the first Flight Energy Saving, marking that the world's first million-kilowatt ultra-supercritical indirect air cooling unit project undertaken by the first Flight Energy Saving was officially started, which laid the position of the first Flight in the air cooling industry.   

2. Shouhang Resources Saving was approved to establish a "Postdoctoral Research Station"   

The application for the establishment of postdoctoral research station has been approved, and the development of postdoctoral work is of great significance to the development of the first voyage energy conservation.Through this platform, our company will give full play to the advantages and enthusiasm of both enterprises and universities, further promote the effective combination of industry, university and research, and introduce high-end compound talents, which is conducive to strengthening the research and development of new energy-saving technology of the first voyage, cultivating innovative research and development talents, and enhancing independent innovation ability.。



1. EPC solar Island of CGN Delingha CSP power generation project in Qinghai won the bid          

In April 2016, CSTC received the award notice of "EPC Contract for Qinghai Delingha Solar Thermal Power Generation Project, Sun Island". The winning of this project marks the beginning of strategic transformation of CSTC's new business, and the growth rate of CSTC's photovoltaic power generation business is expected to enter the fast track.The project is supported by an ADB loan for a global tender.                               

2. Shouhang Solar Thermal Project was successfully shortlisted in the first batch of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects of National Energy Administration

On September 14, 2016, The National Energy Administration officially released the Notice, in which a total of 20 projects were selected into the list of China's first batch of photovoltaic power generation demonstration projects, and the first flight tower photovoltaic project was shortlisted.

3. Shouhang of 10MW Dunhuang CSP power station is connected to the grid for power generation

On December 26, 2016, invest in the construction of the first flight in Dunhuang, Gansu province is currently the largest domestic, the first 24 hours power of 10 mw molten salt solar-thermal power tower smoothly connected to the grid, marks the company independent research and development of molten salt solar-thermal power tower technology for validation and practical application, has reached the advanced level at home and abroad.


1. Shouhang 100MW Dunhuang National Demonstration Tower fused salt CSP power station is grid-connected for power generation

On December 28, 2018, the first independent design, investment and construction of dunhuang 100 mw molten salt solar-thermal power tower successfully connected to the grid, correlates to become China's first class national solar thermal power generation demonstration power plant, is currently the world's highest, concentrated area of the largest molten salt solar-thermal power tower, marked the our country in the world a few hundred megawatt molten salt tower solar-thermal power generation technology.

2. The first EPC general contracting project of Sun Island was put into operation

In October 2018, The Delingha 50-megawatt solar thermal power plant, China's first large-scale solar thermal power plant, was officially put into operation, making China the eighth country in the world to master large-scale solar thermal technology.


1. The first One Belt And One Road seawater desalination project undertaken by Shouhang succeeded in discharging of smooth water

In August 2019, No. 2 unit of Shenhua Guohua Indonesia Java 7 seawater desalination project with a capacity of 2× 4,000 tons/day completed commissioning and discharged water smoothly and was officially put into operation. The project is the first "One Belt And One Road" overseas project undertaken by Shouhang.

2. The company was named as Shouhang High-Tech Energy Co., Ltd

Due to the company's business development from the single power station air cooling business when listed gradually expanded to the collective power station air cooling, CSP power generation, waste heat power generation and clean heating, seawater desalination and other diversified industries to develop together, and was renamed.